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Chinese Company or China Supplier Verification: Ways to self-check your Chinese suppliers easily !!!

MOST of Chinese suppliers are honest and reliable, however, there are still some stupid scammers in China ruining our good image on the globe. Recently a stupid scammer has ripped my friend off nearly 7000 USD. Here I may tell you some tips again on self-check your suppliers only by checking their company names, telephones and addresses online, it's very easy!! Take for example, let's look at their contact information and company profile one by one: 1.Company profile They do not have a good company profile, and their company name Pickyourlike cannot be registered in China according to the regulations with China Corporation Registration Law at my end. As a normal company, usually we have a basic company profile online. 2.Address Their address: quanzhou city,fujian provice,china This address actually does not exist in China. It's similar to: New York, the USA. With such an address online, how can you trust this supplier? How can you find a non-existing company among millions of people in Putian or Quanzhou city? 3.Telephone 8615860073320 This is a mobile phone number instead of a registered office number in China. What's more, this number is registered in Putian instead of Quanzhou, from this number, you can easily judge that this is a stupid scammer in China. They tell you that they are in Quanzhou but actually they in Putian, China according to their telephone information. By the way, everybody can position a mobilephone number simply by fill the number in the following blank: 4.Email address: This is possible, because lot of us Chinese businessman are using free mailboxes in China. So we cannot judge their company by their mailboxes. 5.Business scope (product lines) Please look at their product information, you may note that they are selling too many fast and hot-selling products online, actually this is impossible when they register in China, there are many limitations in the registration of a trade company in China, esp when you deal with branded products online. The business scope for each company is limited in China. 6.Unbelievable prices: If their prices are too low to be true, you have to forget them or ask them for reference before doing any business with them. Ask them why their prices are so low. If your order is large enough, then you'd better book an On-site third-party China Supplier or Chinese Company Verification or Factory Inspection service from STIN or similar service companies in China to check them out in person before further discussion. 7.International brands: Every international brand has their own distribution channels, you have to ask them for their Authorization proof from the brand owner. If you’re buying international brand products, say, Apple, Sony, Dell etc, you’d better contact their authorized distributors at your end. As a small buyer, you cannot buy directly from their authorized factories in China. For instance, Foxconn is the authorized factory for Apple products (IPAD etc) but Foxconn is not able to sell even ONE piece of Apple products to you from China. Every product has their unique ID number and the prices for the original brand products are nearly the same at anywhere on the globe. Actually when we are buying original Apple phones, the price in China is even much higher than that of the USA !!Please note that Putian is famous for scammers in China, but now, some of Putian scammers are moving to other big cities like Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen etc to continue their scams online. What we have to do is to do enough Due Diligence work before your payment with the help of local experts.These tips are only for some stupid scammers in China, as for some professional scammers, of course, the best and most effective verification way is to inspect them in China! STIN verification or auditing service can help you out if you know nothing about Chinese!

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