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As your global facilitator in China, we take care of  the  searching, identifying suppliers, sampling, negotiations, background checks, due diligence and export process, including:


●  Communicate with and understand client's expectations.

●  Source direct manufacturers and obtain quotations.

●  Negotiate prices, lead time and minimum order quantity.

●  Qualify the suppliers based on quality, capacity, price and lead time.

●  Develop and evaluate the samples.

●  Complete compliance test for the samples when necessary.

●  Monitor production trial run.

●  Follow up manufacturing and conduct QC (quality control) inspection.

●  Coordinate logistics and deliver products to client.

Product Sourcing Management Team



  • Analyze the requirements of the commodity, including preliminary specifications, preferred supplier, and date commodity if needed.

  • Solicits and evaluates proposals for the requested commodity.

  • Locate and develop potential suppliers that have the capability to supply the commodity per requirements. We then investigate and/or interview the supplier to determine if they meet standards. We Insure that chosen suppliers offer the best in class pricing, high quality components, and timely deliveries.

  • Supervise vendor facilities to evaluate overall performance, including production capacity, cost control, efficiency, quality, reliability and on-time delivery. Effectively lead the process by overseeing requirements definition, bid, negotiations, contract documentation & integration.

  • Provide overall vendor management including ensuring tactical execution within assigned commodity, escalations due to service delivery/quality issues and invoicing/payables issues, supplier & contract database management, etc.




Extra Services from the team


  • To seek out and develop emerging regions of new suppliers, or suppliers with new and evolving capabilities. Assist the organization on the value of, and risks associated with new sources of supply.

  • Maintain a portfolio/library of current and potential China source of supply.

  • Manage relationships with Chinese vendor partners to ensure mutual satisfaction of objectives.

The Negotiation, Delivery and Risk management team engages in the following:


  • Undertake supplier negotiations for China sourcing, supplier scheduling, and ensuring on-time delivery through relationship-building to maximize business benefits.

  • Develop & lead negotiation strategies with suppliers & establish strong contractual relationships including clear Statements of Work/Service Level Agreements.

  • Conduct business dealings with the highest level of integrity and regard for legal and environmental issues.

  • Keep business information absolutely confidential.




  • Develop systems/processes to achieve 100% on-time supplier deliveries.

  • Negotiate agreements with and manage supplier relationships.


Risk Management


  • Provide advice on all significant matters involving China sourcing impact.

  • Monitor and measure both financial and non-financial risks.

  • Monitor performance and development.

  • Suggest an exit plan if needed.

Onsite Support



  • Develop and manage supplier portfolios and support day-to-day sourcing responsibilities for manufacturing operations.

  • Develop and implement supply strategies to aggressively reduce the cost of key materials, components and subsystems, reduce material lead times and inventory requirements and associated work capital requirements.

  • Assures that the product is delivered on schedule, at the negotiated price, and meets the quality standards of the client.

  • Identify inefficiencies and propose solutions for improvements.

  • Actively support the development of a sourcing strategy, translate strategy into objectives/action plans and drive execution of the objectives for assigned commodities aligned with the customer, business/sourcing strategy and corporate goals.

  • Be results-driven about customer and business cost reduction, revenue increasing initiatives, aggregating supplier volume/reducing price, and utilizing tools/identifying opportunities for e-processes increasing capacity and driving controllership.

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